Top 8 Best AI Story Generator Tools to Create Engaging Stories

AI story generator can help you write creative stories and novels.

We all need a creative way to come up with new and compelling stories, but finding the right AI story generator tool can be really difficult.

That’s why I am sharing this post about AI story generator tools that can help you write great stories with the help of AI.

Let us take a closer look at some of the best AI story generators and novel generators that will help you write stories and novels in no time.

Top Recommendations: 3 AI Story Generators

Here is a quick summary that you should read if you do not have time to read the complete post; Best tool for all types of story and novel writing — Try Jasper & Get 10,000 Words for free.
ClosersCopy: Another best AI story generator with unique frameworks — Check It works wells for story plotlines and song lyrics — Try for free

To write a well-rounded and engaging story, these tools are perfect for you!

They will help you write an interesting and engaging story effortlessly without any problems.

All of these AI copywriting tools are effective and can help you come up with new stories that you might not have thought of otherwise.

You do not have to worry about grammar or plot — these tools do all the work for you!

What is an AI Story Generator and How Do They Work?

An AI story generator is an online tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning to generate new and creative stories, novels, plotlines, etc. on an automated basis.

You can think of them as writing assistants that write novels and stories based on the text input you provide them.

AI story generators use machine language, natural language processing algorithms, artificial intelligence, and other technologies that convert written input into longer text such as stories, novels, etc.

In short, you’ll provide some basic information relevant to the story you want to write about.

You can use these tools to develop new stories, business plans, horror stories, science fiction stories, romance novels, and even political speeches.

The interface is really easy to use and has a clean interface. All you have to do is type your prompt and let the script write itself!

Benefits of using AI Story Generator

With AI story generators, you can easily write stories 10x faster than a normal human writer. With these tools, you can write stories in minutes instead of hours or days.

New & Creative Story Ideas:

AI tools can be very helpful when it comes to finding fresh and interesting ideas. This is because AI enables quick and cloudy thinking, which can sometimes lead to great insights!

Goodbye writer’s block:

Whether you are writing fiction or other texts, using AI content writing tools can be very useful. You no longer have to worry about a lack of ideas or writer’s block.

Improve your story writing skills:

AI story writing tools can help you improve your writing skills. Even an amateur writer can create something extraordinary with the help of these tools.

With these story writing tools, you can easily write stories and novels with the help of AI.

These tools will help you write interesting and engaging stories that will keep you captivated for hours.

8 Best AI Story Generator Tools that Generate Creative Stories in 2022

Here is the list of the top 8 best AI story generator tools that write creative stories and novels with the help of AI.

1. Jasper AI (Formerly

5-Day Free Trial Available with 10,000 Words Credit. Try for free

Jasper or formerly is an AI story generator recommended by thousands of writers to write various content.

With its advanced GPT-3 algorithms, creates unique storylines based on your input text.

It was formerly known as Jarvis This AI-based story writing tool is perfect for anyone who wants to write high-quality, interesting stories and novels.

With its advanced AI capabilities, you’ll be able to come up with unique plot ideas that no other story writing tool can offer.

With a tool like Storyteller, you’ll be able to create not only stories and novels but also any other type of content. It is one of the best AI content writing tools for 2022.

It understands what you expect from it better than any other tool on the market, so you can be sure that the result will always be of high quality.

Here’s the input prompt for a creative story at Jasper:

The creative story generated by Jasper AI: Output

Write Amazing Stories with Jasper Pricing

In case you do not know yet: is a premium AI story creation tool that costs $29/month for the “Starter” plan with a limit of 20,000 words and up to $119/month for the “Boss mode for unlimited words”.

I am offering free 10,000 words of credit using my special Jasper AI free trial link, You can try and generate 100 creative stories using the credit!

Try for free

2. Copy AI

Free plan available with 100+ content credits. Try Copy AI for free

Whether you want to write creative stories, blog posts, or digital marketing ad copies — CopyAI is the perfect AI story writer for you as it offers over 90 tools to create content.

No matter what industry you’re in, will help you write great content no matter the industry you’re in.

Over 500,000 marketers are using CopyAI to generate content.

Here’s how this tool works;

As you can see above, you can pick anything from a headline to blog introduction to a story, describe it and you’ll instantly get content around it.

Benefits of using Copy AI Tool:

  • Helps you end the writer’s block
  • Access to automated creativity tools to write faster
  • Create anything from headlines, blog intros, product descriptions, etc
  • 100 free credits when you sign up
  • Gives you access to a free account without a credit card
  • This tool gives you access to over 90 tools to generate content

How much does the CopyAI story generator cost?

Copy AI has the following 3 pricing plans which include;

  • Free
  • Pro
  • Team

1. Free: Looking to create a free copy? This free plan from CopyAI is just for you and offers the following features.

  • 10 credits per month
  • 100 bonus credits for the first month
  • 25+ languages
  • 90+ copywriting tools

2. Pro: This plan costs you $35 per month where you’ll get access to unlimited credits to create content and gives you access to the following features.

  • Unlimited credits
  • Unlimited projects
  • 25+ languages
  • Access to 90+ copywriting tools
  • Priority support
  • Access to our newest features
  • Premium community

3. Team: If you’re running a team to write stories, this plan is perfect for you and it offers custom pricing plans depending on your needs. It offers the following things.

  • Unlimited credits
  • Unlimited projects
  • 25+ languages
  • Access to 90+ copywriting tools
  • Priority support
  • Access to our newest features
  • Premium community
  • Collaboration features

Does Copy AI offer a free trial?

Yes, Copy AI offers a free trial where you’ll get 100 FREE bonus credits for the first month.

Try Copy AI for free


Free Plan Available with 5000 Characters Limits Per Month. Try For Free is a new AI story generator tool in the market that can help you write stories, testimonials, song lyrics, Q&A, profile bios, and much more.

It is a really powerful tool that will give you the most effective result when writing short-form stories using the GPT-3 model (the same model used in some of the AI story generation tools mentioned above) and custom models to increase your output response when writing.

This tool is specifically designed to add robust keywords to your short-form content. This means that the quality of the output will be excellent and you can easily target SEO readers or solve writer’s block.

However, unlike other tools I mentioned above, your prompt is limited to 150–250 characters. This limitation can be a bit frustrating because it would allow for a longer text, but still, leave plenty of room for short replies or subheadings. is a really handy tool for people who need to write a lot of short content for blogs, social media or other purposes. With the ready-made templates and frameworks, you can start writing easily and without any hassle!

That’s it, the tool will instantly generate a story for you.

Here’s what it looks like; Pricing

You can sign up for a monthly subscription for $29/month (about $290/year) (2 months free with an annual subscription). This includes unlimited AI generation, 30+ use cases, 30+ languages, and 20+ sounds.

Try For Free


7-Day Free Trial Available With Access To All Features. Try for free

Do you want to write stories or ANY content from just a headline? Then AI-Writer is the perfect AI writing tool for you that uses state-of-the-art AI writing models to create better content.

Here are some of the things you can do with AI-Writer;

As you can see above, you can create any type of content ranging from blog articles to SEO-friendly text to unique original content.

Benefits of using AI-Writer:

  • The ability to create a full article or story draft in minutes
  • Create SEO-friendly content
  • List of citations for verification
  • Create unique & relevant original content

How much does the AI-Writer story generator cost?

AI-Writer offers three pricing options which include;

  • Basic
  • Standard
  • Power

1. Basic plan: If you’re looking for the most affordable plan from AI-Writer, this one’s for you as it costs $29 per month and offers the following features.

  • Generate up to 40 articles
  • Add 1 user
  • AI text generator
  • SEO editor
  • Text rewording
  • API access

2. Standard plan: This plan costs $59 per month and offers the following features.

  • Generate up to 150 articles
  • Add 1 user
  • AI text generator
  • SEO editor
  • Text rewording
  • API access

3. Power plan: This plan costs $375 per month and it offers the following features.

  • Generate up to 1000 articles
  • Add 10 users
  • AI text generator
  • SEO editor
  • Text rewording
  • API access

Does AI-Writer offer a free trial?

Yes, AI-Writer offers a 1-week free trial which you can grab from the below link.

Try for free

5. ClosersCopy

ClosersCopy is a wonderful AI story generator tool that lets you easily start writing long stories and novels.

Closerscopy is an online place where writer’s block is rarely seen by human eyes. This is my favourite tool after Jasper AI.

It has an editor that lets you easily create all kinds of content, such as including stories, short and long articles, storylines, dialogues, songs, eBooks, website content, etc.

The tool’s framework feature is impressive: it has a powerful content writing framework that lets you get the most out of your texts.

Also, there is a community framework from which you can install tons of user-created frameworks to increase your productivity.

This tool has an interesting lifetime offer: they offer a lifetime deal with an unlimited number of generated AI words for only $317. That’s an extremely reasonable price, and I’d say it’s a great deal.

ClosersCopy is an AI story writing tool that lets you write long, high-quality content in no time. Plus, there’s a lifetime offer, which is always a plus. This will definitely save you money in the end.

ClosersCopy Pricing

Closerscopy offers three pricing plans and two-lifetime deal plans.

They don’t offer free trials considering the popularity and value they offer in AI copywriting space.

It comes with an exclusive lifetime deal that allows unlimited uses at a really low price.

You can get in with the lifetime deal for as low as $187 (with restrictions) and $317 (without restrictions).

I highly recommend you to check Closerscopy lifetime deal plans.


6. Article Forge

If you are looking for a powerful AI-writing tool that can help you create realistic and engaging AI-based stories and novels in no time, then Article Forge is a perfect choice.

This software relies on Deep Learning and natural language processing (NLP) to create high-quality texts.

It works on the principle of Deep Learning, which allows it to understand complex concepts quickly and accurately. Besides, this tool can also be used for writing blog posts, storylines, scripts, and other types of content!

Article Forge is a tool that helps you write long-form content that reads credibly and engages your readers.

It’s an online platform where you can write your own words and sentences without getting stuck at any point in the story.

This is perfect for novelists or story writers who want to finish their work without getting stuck in between, but do not want to spend hours writing each sentence by hand.

Article Forge also has unique features like automatic publishing of content to your blog and Copyscape checking.

It saves you a lot of time and energy when writing articles, and the best part is that it does not require any special knowledge or training. This tool can help you achieve great results with its AI-generated content.

Article Forge Pricing

The pricing structure of Article Forge is $27/month (for annual billing) or $57/month (for monthly billing), and you can create human-quality content.

Try ArticleForge for free

7. ShortlyAI

Free Plan Available with 4 Credits. Try Shortly AI for free

ShortlyAI is a great AI story writing tool that can be used for novel writing and story creation. has acquired ShortlyAI to better serve its customers and help them create content.

ShortlyAI uses GPT-3, one of OpenAI’s most advanced AI algorithms, to create unique, human-like content.

The user interface is easy to use, especially for long articles. This makes ShortlyAI a good choice for anyone who wants to easily write long content.

If you are just starting out with writing, this is the tool you should use on a daily basis.

With this tool, you can easily write high-quality articles that can be used in many different ways.

You do not need any creativity or experience to do this, just a computer and some time! You can also use it to write ad copy and storylines, website content such as web pages or emails, etc.

Here's the list of best email writing assistants at Growing Press.

ShortlyAI Pricing

ShortlyAI is a very competitive AI writing tool that offers a single plan that you can purchase on an annual or monthly basis. It is an innovative way to write and manage your AI work. Since it has features that are unique compared to other writing tools on the market, it is also comparatively expensive.

Try Shortly AI for free

8. Anyword

7 Days Free Trial Available. Try Anyword For Free

Anyword is another great AI story generator you can use to overcome writer’s block and create original content for your creative stories, blog articles, marketing ad copies, emails and more.

It is powered by artificial intelligence which uses machine learning to write unique, original and engaging content.

  • Power to train Anyword AI copywriting tool to write copy in your brand voice
  • Generates stories, blog articles, landing page copies, ad copies, newsletters and more
  • Generate content in your own style or tone
  • Predictive performance score to evaluate the potential of your generated content
  • Access to a 7-day free trial (no credit card required)

Try Anyword For Free

Frequently Asked Questions

What are AI story generator tools?

AI story generator is software that uses natural language processing and artificial intelligence to write relevant stories based on the input you provide.

What are the benefits of AI story writer tools?

AI story writing tools help you with so many things including;
– Write stories automatically
– Creates original content
– Helps you overcome writer’s block
– You can write stories, novels, and much more

Which is the best AI story generator tool?

Jasper AI (Formerly Jarvis) is one of the best AI story generator tools out there. The pricing plans start at only $24 per month and you will get access to over 55 copywriting templates including story writer, long-form assistant, blog post outline, and many more.

Are AI story generators free?

Most of the AI story generators offer free trials. These tools include;

Conclusion: Choosing the correct AI story generator tool?

Finding the best AI story tool is necessary because if you choose the wrong one for writing stories and novels, you will definitely end up with nothing.

It can be difficult to find the right AI story tool for your writing. It is important to note that an AI story generator is not the same as a human writer.

So it is a helping tool but not a replacement.

I hope the list above helps you find the right AI story generator for you!

Let us know your thoughts...

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