Jasper Vs Writesonic - Choose the best AI Writer in 2022? (Writesonic Vs Jarvis)

Are you looking to compare Jasper AI (Formerly Jarvis AI) vs Writesonic?

Are you confused between Writesonic and Jasper? If yes then you should read this Jasper vs Writesonic comparison post.

writesonic vs jasper ai

Learn why digital agencies, content writers, eCommerce brands, and marketing teams choose Writesonic and Jasper for AI content writing and copywriting.

AI writing software (also known as AI copywriting tools) are skilled in producing a wide range of marketing content.

It can create articles, blog posts, social media posts, marketing materials, E-commerce ads, landing pages, sales emails, paraphrasing, product descriptions, and a lot more.

These AI copywriters reduce the amount of time you spend writing content and brainstorming content ideas, so you can focus on content editing, refining, and optimizing copy for different audiences and digital channels.

Thus, these tools help copywriters, article writers, SEOs, bloggers, content marketers, marketing agencies, creators, freelancers, students, and researchers at each step of creating content and prove to be extremely beneficial for them.

Many people search for paraphrasing tools on Google every month because they can be useful for rewriting and improving content of all kinds, including marketing-related content.

The AI copywriting tools work amazingly and create great paraphrases with the help of artificial intelligence. You can check one free paraphrasing tool that we recommend.

Nowadays, there are several AI writing tools on the market, but Jasper.ai, Writesonic, Frase.io, and Copy.ai are the four most popular ones.

The market for content writing is growing fast, and many other tools are joining the trend. Like Scalenut.com, Closerscopy.com etc. However, these four stand out as clear market leaders and have become brands in the space of AI writing.

In this post, I will compare Jasper vs Writesonic, summarising their features, pricing, and originality so that you can choose the one that is best suited according to your needs and budget.

1. Customer Reviews - Jasper vs Writesonic

Here is a quick comparison of Jasper AI and Writesonic customer reviews and ratings across leading review platforms.

Platform Jasper AI Writesonic
G2.com 549 Reviews & 4.8/5 Ratings 1096 Reviews & 4.8/5 Ratings
Trustpilot.com 2153 Reviews & 4.8/5 Ratings 1019 Reviews & 4.8/5 Ratings
Capterra.com 778 Reviews & 4.9/5 Ratings 1160 Reviews & 4.8/5 Ratings

Jasper has received more than 3300 reviews combining all three leading platforms. Writesonic has received more than 3200 customer reviews on various reputed sites like Capterra, G2, and Trustpilot.

Jasper AI has a good reputation among various social media platforms, they have a very active Facebook community with over 50,000 active members and Writesonic is working to reach that level as well.

Overall Jasper AI is a winner considering the number of reviews and active social media presence.

2. Price Comparison - Jasper.ai vs Writesonic.com

Here is a piece of quick information about Jasper.ai pricing and Writesonic pricing for you.

Jasper AI has two main pricing plans to offer along with Jasper's free trial. Starter Plan and Boss Mode plan. Learn more about Jasper Pricing here: https://jasper.ai/pricing

Writesonic has four main pricing plans along with a free trial plan. Basic ($15/mo), Professional ($45/mo), Startup($95/mo) and Agency ($195 per month). Learn more about Writesonic pricing here https://writesonic.com/pricing

Writesonic is more cost-effective than Jasper AI considering the variety of plans they have.

With a $15 monthly plan ($12 if you opt for an annual plan), Writesonic caters to the needs of all market segments, making it ideal for those with low usage as well as those who cannot afford higher plans while Jasper charges $29 monthly plan ($24 if you opt for an annual plan).

Writesonic also offers unlimited plans for professionals, startups, agencies, and higher-end plans for users who are looking for premium content.

Overall Writesonic is a winner considering the price point and variations as per the needs of an individual.

3. Features Comparison

Here is a quick feature comparison table of Jasper and Writesonic.

Features Jasper Writesonic
AI Technology GPT-3 & Custom AI Models GPT-3 as well as other custom AI models
Company credentials Jasper is backed by Useproof company Wriesonic is backed by Y-Combinator
Free trial Needs credit card Needs phone verification
Templates 50+ 50+
Languages 25+ 25+
Mobile friendly Yes Yes
Long-form writing YesYes
Instant generation Yes using Jasper commands and recipesAutomatically create full-length articles and blog posts
Landing Pages Not available Ready to use landing pages with code export
Rephraser Full paragraphs can be rephrased at a time. Full paragraphs can be rephrased at a time.
Predictive scoring Not Available Available
SEO Integration SurferSEO integrationSEMrush integration
Chrome extension Coming soon Available
API Coming soon Available
Payment option Stripe Stripe and PayPal
Other Integrations Coming soon Coming soon

Following are some highlights of the above table:
  • Jasper free trial is easy to opt for without sharing a phone number while Writesonic requires a phone number, I don't know for what?
  • Writesonic provides Semrush integration for SEO optimized content generation for many content types while Jasper gives integration with Surfer SEO for long-form blog posts.
  • Jasper AI has a variety of copywriting templates while Writesonic has the same number but some of the templates are missing. I hope they will add that soon.
  • Jasper content improver can rewrite entire paragraphs instantly with higher quality. Writesonic’s rephrase template can also do that.
  • Writesonic supports PayPal as a payment option in addition to Stripe which is very helpful for users of many countries where Stripe is not supported.
Overall, feature-wise Jasper AI and Writesonic are somewhere equal. You can choose anyone and get 90% same AI copywriting features.

4. Best for Whom?


1. Best quality content outputs at reasonable prices

2. For the instant generation of full-length articles/blog posts

3. You can use Writesonic for creating landing pages

4. High-quality paraphrasing

5. API integration

6. Predictive scoring and SEO optimized content

Try Writesonic For Free

Jasper AI:

1. High-quality SEO content that ranks.

2. For the instant generation you can use Jasper commands and recipes.

3. Generates error-free content. Also supports Grammarly integration.

4. Plagiarism-free content. Also supports Copyscape integration.

5. Super active Facebook community which is there to help!

6. Priority customer support.

Try Jasper AI For Free

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