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Do you want to know the cost of Jarvis AI in 2022? 

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jasper ai pricing plans 2022 and jasper.ai cost

Jasper is the most popular AI-powered copywriting software and it solves the most fundamental problem for copywriters which is writer's block.

The tool uses GPT-3 technology to generate high-quality content for your blog posts, articles, social posts, artistic stories, video and audio scripts, books, email newsletters, high-converting ad copies for Google and social media, landing pages, eCommerce product descriptions and more.

The Point We Love: It is trained by the world’s best SEO, copywriters and Direct Response Marketing experts who are working in the content industry for over a decade.

  • Software name: Jasper AI Formerly Jarvis AI
  • Price ranges: $29 to $3,600 per month
  • Customers: 50,000+ active users
  • Risk-free money-back guarantee: 5-day money-back guarantee
  • Offer: Upgrade to Annual Plan, get 2 months free. [Claim Offer]

Jasper also offers a risk-free trial to test the tool. Using our special link you can get free 10,000 words credit from Jasper.ai which you can use to generate 5 amazing 2000 words long-form blog posts. Activate Jasper Free Trial Today

Jasper.ai is a great tool for writers looking to improve their copywriting skills.

Not only does it offer a wide range of writing features and copywriting tools, but its artificial intelligence abilities also help you become a better writer within a few minutes.

Best of all, it is reasonable in terms of price and easy to use.

How much does Jasper AI cost in 2022?

Jasper.ai has two main pricing choices to choose from. Starter and Boss Mode plan. Let's understand more about each plan in detail.

1. Starter Plan - Most Affordable - View Pricing

This is the most affordable Jasper pricing option starts at $29 per month for 20,000 words generation when you go for monthly pricing and $24 per month when you go for yearly pricing. 

This plan offers 5-day Jasper free trial which you can opt for and use this software for five days for free.

Best For: You can go for the Starter plan if you have a shorter form of content requirement like highly engaging emails, high converting ad copies, small descriptions, company bio content etc.

Learn more about Starter Plan Here

2. Boss Mode Plan - Most Popular - View Pricing

This is the most popular Jasper pricing option starts at $59 per month for 50,000 words generation when you go for monthly pricing and $49 per month when you go for yearly pricing.

Jasper boss mode plan has everything you need to generate high-quality content faster and without any limits on features. It gives you access to all the amazing features like Jasper commands, recipes, tools integrations and more.

This plan also offers a 5-day free trial which you can opt for and use this software for five days for free.

Best For: You can go for the Boss Mode plan if you have a longer form of content requirement like highly engaging blog posts, high converting eCommerce product descriptions, story writing, novel writing etc.

Learn more about BossMode Plan Here

What is the difference between Jasper.ai's Starter & Boss Mode plans? 

The main difference between these two plans is the number of words and features you’ll get in each plan.

We have identified the differences between the two types of Jasper.ai plans and displayed them here so that they can help you to choose the right Jasper subscription plan for your business.

Boss Mode vs Starter Plan Difference

Jasper.ai Features & Pricing Starter Plan Cost Boss Mode Cost
Price $29/month $59/month
User seats Unlimited Unlimited
Word limit 20,000 per month 50,000 per month
Best for Short copywriting Long-form content
Templates 50+ templates 50+ templates
Supported languages 26 26
Support Included Priority support
Long-form writing assistant No Yes
Document editor No Yes
No. of project folders Unlimited Unlimited
Jasper voice command No Yes
Grammarly integration No Yes
SEO mode No Yes
Plagiarism checker No Yes
Training boot camp Included Included

I hope this comparison of the Starter vs Boss Mode plan helps you pick the best Jasper pricing option.

What is Jasper.ai's Refund Policy?

Jasper.ai offers 5 days money-back guarantee with all their pricing plans. You can use the Jasper AI too to witness its performance for your business by writing blog posts, ad copies or descriptions.

If you are unsatisfied with the platform, you can ask for a refund by sending an email to hey@jasper.ai or you can cancel your account from your dashboard.

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