5 Best Amazon Product Description Writers & Generators (Free & Paid)

Do you know what is the key to boosting your Amazon sales?

The simple answer is you need high-quality and engaging product descriptions to boost your Amazon sales with more clicks, conversions and sales.

When you prepare a product description that is well written and optimized for search engines, your product will be easier to find by search engines, attract and engage more customers, and lead them to buy your product.

However, creating a compelling product description is not an easy task.

The challenge is to add value to your product by processing the existing raw information strategically.

amazon product description generator and writer tools

Also, it's time-consuming and needs expertise that comes with product knowledge and writing experience. That’s where you can get support from AI writing tools like Jasper AI and Writesonic AI.

AI writing tools are AI-powered content writing software that uses GPT-3 frameworks to generate high-quality copy based on your product brief.

Using AI writing tools, you can create highly engaging product descriptions that are innovative and search engine friendly.

Every product copy generated by AI is unique and written to encourage your audience and guide them towards buying your products.

Why use AI tools to write your product description?

You can use AI-powered Amazon product description generator tools to create unique, creative, and SEO-optimized descriptions for your online eCommerce websites within seconds.

Here are some of the benefits of using AI tools for Amazon Product Description:

  • Time saver and niche-specific content
  • Writes 100% unique and SEO-friendly content
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Multiple quality checks using artificial intelligence to ensure great quality
  • Affordable pricing as compared to copywriters

List of Best Paid & Free Amazon Product Description Generator Software 2022

Here are some of the top AI copywriting tools that you can use for Amazon product descriptions for free using their free trial or a free-forever plan at Growing Press!

1. Jasper.ai  -  Best Amazon Product Description Writer

If you’re looking for the best AI-powered Amazon product description generator to create convincing descriptions for your products, Jasper.ai has what you need.

Source: Amazon Product Template Jasper AI

It is one of the most influential Amazon product description writers powered by the latest GPT-3 artificial intelligence technology.

There are more than fifty thousand users using this tool to create content for your websites and eCommerce stores.

Amazon Copywriting Templates at Jasper.ai

You can use these two templates for crafting amazing Amazon product features and paragraphs with the help of Jasper AI.

Source: Amazon Product Template Jasper AI

Apart from that, there are more than 50+ copywriting templates available that can be used to create marketing and advertising content. 

Creative Stories, AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action), Long-Form Editor, Product Descriptions and PAS (Problem-Agitate-Solution) are my favourite templates.

Jasper has two premium plans that you can choose based on word limits and features you want to use. The starter plan starts at $29 per month and the Boss Mode plan starts at $59 per month.

If you want to use Jasper AI for free, you can use our special 5-day free trial link and get 10,000 bonus credits that you can use to write 50 to 100 compelling product descriptions for free.

Try Jasper.ai at No Cost

2. Writesonic.com - Best Amazon Product Description Generator

Writesonic is our second top recommendation for Amazon product description writers. It is one of the most affordable product description generators that you can use for your eCommerce store.

Source: Product Description Template Writesonic

It is an ideal choice for beginners because of its easy-to-use interface. In order to generate Amazon product content, you need to put a few details about your product.

Product Descriptions Template:

You can use the product descriptions template by Writesonic to create your Amazon descriptions within seconds.

You can create product descriptions with Writesonic by following these simple three steps.

1. Sign Up: Create your free account on Writesonic and choose the Product description template

2. Describe: Write the name and one-two line about your product.

3. Generate: Hit the “Generate” button to generate high-quality product descriptions for your store.

4. Publish: Edit, export, and publish your generated descriptions on your Amazon store.

Here’s what the template looks like with an example:

Source: Product Description Template Writesonic

Writesonic has four premium plans that you can choose based on credit limits and features you want to use.

The basic plan starts at $15 per month, the Professional plan at $35 per month, the Startup plan at $95 per month and the Agency plan starts at $195 per month.

This is another free Amazon product description writer that offers you a free trial with 10 credit limits per month. Once you use your free credits, you can subscribe to its monthly or annual plans based on your content needs.

Try Writesonic For Free

3. Simplified.co - Free Product Description Generator

Simplified is the best free Amazon product description that offers a free forever plan with 1,000 words credits per month. Claim your free credits here.

Amazon customers want to see a clear description of the product. You can use Simplified’s writing assistant to craft your Amazon product description in the simplest way possible.

Create the perfect Amazon product description using Simplified

Watch this quick video from Simplified on how to create the perfect Amazon product description instantly with Simplified AI.

Apart from the free plan, Simplified has three premium packages which include AI writing tools, design tools and a lot of other features. You can pick any of these based on the features you want to use. View Simplified Pricing

If you want to identify your brand and make it easier to find your product on the Amazon site, Simplified can help. Try their free plan now.

Try Simplified For Free

4. Smart Copy — Free to Use

Smart Copy is another useful free product description generator tool that you can use for Amazon product descriptions.

Smart Copy offers a wide range of AI copywriting tools for everyday use. It includes ads, landing pages, branding, social media and most important E-commerce.

Here are the 4 eCommerce templates you can use:

For Amazon products, you can use Amazon listings or a Product description template to generate good quality descriptions with the help of AI.

Smart Copy offers a free plan and one premium plan known as Growth Plan for $49 per month that gives access to everything on the platform with unlimited generations. You can go for an annual plan and get 6 months free on this tool.

The free plan offers 5 content credits per day that you can use to create 5 amazing Amazon product descriptions per day. Try it now.

Try Smart Copy For Free

5. Copymatic.AI — Free Trial Available

Copymatic AI is one of the rising AI-powered description generators that you can use for your Amazon store.

It has a wide range of content use cases that include generating Amazon product descriptions, long-form blog articles, Google Ads, social media captions, and many more.

Copymatic pricing starts at $29 per month. You can try Copymatic AI for free using their free trial plan. It includes 10 credits which let you try all their AI tools like eCommerce copy, blog content, digital ads, and more.

With 10 free credits, you can generate about 1,000 words of product description content for your store. Give it a try!

Try Copymatic.ai For Free

Conclusion: Best Amazon Product Description Writer in 2022

The best Amazon product description writer software will help you create a product's description to sell on Amazon.

This is an important part of the customer experience because it can influence the purchase decision by convincing people to buy or not buy.

In Summary: This blog post discusses the best product description generator software. The first recommended product is Jasper AI, which is the most effective Amazon product description generator and the most up to date.

The second is the Writesonic AI, which is a content writing tool, and it is also a cost-effective software for Amazon stores. You can try both for free and choose the best as per your convenience.

Let me know if you have more questions related to Amazon product descriptions in the comment section below. So which tool are you going to use?

Let us know your thoughts...

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