Free Content Generator - Best AI Content Creation Tools With Free Trial in 2024

Not a great content writer? Or do not have time to write content and be creative?

Don't worry, Now you can use free AI content generator tools to generate high-quality content for your website, blog, social media and more.

best free content generator tools AI powered

AI holds the future and in just minutes, you can create professional-sounding content for your website using AI-powered content generators.

AI Content generator is a powerful content-generating software that will turbocharge your content creation process using the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.

The content generated by AI tools is SEO-friendly and customized as per your brand tone.

In this post, I have listed some of the best content generators that offer a free plan or a free trial with bonus credits.

This will help you generate some quality content for free and save time. You can go for premium plans as per your content needs.

The Best Free AI Content Generator Software for 2024

  1. Scalenut - Free Plan + 2,000 Bonus Words Per Month
  2. Simplified - Free Plan + 1,000 Bonus Words Per Month
  3. Jasper AI - Free Trial + 10,000 Bonus Words
  4. Content Bot - Free Plan + 1,500 Bonus Words/mo
  5. AI Writer - Free Trial + Unlimited Credits
  6. Copymatic AI - Free Trial + 10 Credits
  7. Smart Copy - Free Plan + 5 Credits Per Day (150 Credits/mo)
  8. Copy AI - Free Plan + 100 Credits Per Month
  9. Writesonic AI - Free Trial + 10 Credits
  10. Peppertype AI - Free Plan + 10,000 Bonus Words

1) Scalenut

If you want the best free content generator for SEO blog posts, give Scalenut a shot. Try Scalenut Free Plan and get 2,000 bonus words per month that can help you create 2 amazing SEO blogs per month for free.

scalenut free ai content generator

It’s a web-based AI copywriting software that helps you write blog posts, articles, product descriptions, Instagram captions, social media captions, SEO titles, and descriptions that search engines will love.

Scalenut is equipped with OpenAI GPT-4o technology. The whole content generation process is fully managed by artificial intelligence and machine learning.


  • SEO Assistant for long-form writing with SEO intelligence
  • AI Copywriter with 40+ short-form copywriting templates
  • Managed content marketplace for all types of content needs
  • Chrome Extension
  • Priority Customer Support


Scalenut offers a free plan that I have already discussed in the beginning. And if you find those credits limited, you can opt for their premium plan to get unlimited content credits.

If you are interested in getting a paid subscription, you have the following options:

  • Individual - $29/month. Includes Unlimited Short-form AI words, 20,000 Long-form AI words and more. Save 60% and get this plan for just $12/month by choosing annual billing.
  • Growth - $79/month. Includes Unlimited Short-form AI words, 1,00,000 Long-form AI words and more. Save 60% and get this plan for just $33/month by choosing annual billing.
  • Pro - $149/month. Includes Unlimited Short-form AI words and Unlimited Long-form AI words and all advanced features. Save 60% and get this plan for just $62/month by choosing annual billing.

Check Scalenut Pricing

Overall, it’s the best AI content generator software for content writers and bloggers who want to write SEO-friendly content.

Try For Free

2) Simplified

Simplified is a free app for AI content writing and social media creatives that generates great human-quality content, images and videos. From social media creatives to crisp social media captions, It can do all for you.

simplified free ai writer

If you want to create social media designs, generate content and even publish your text on social media channels, you can try Simplified for free and do everything from a single app.

From a content generation point of view, Simplified offers 30+ different short-form and long-form content generation templates which are powered by GPT-4 based AI technology.

Write catchy headlines, Amazon product descriptions, event promotion emails, respond to reviews and more for free.


  1.  Latest GPT-4o technology
  2. 40+ Copywriting templates
  3. Access to 1000s of design templates
  4. Access to 100s of video templates
  5. Social media publishing & content calendar


Simplified is completely free software, but it comes with a content limit. You only get 1000 words of credit per month, which allows you to generate 1000 words per month for free.

If you need more credits, the content generator offers a paid plan – Simplified Premium. It starts from just $15/month.

Here are the paid options you can opt for:

  • Small teams - $15/month. It includes 20,000 short-form AI words, 10 AI background removers, 1000+ Google fonts and more. Save 20% and get this plan for just $12/month by choosing annual billing.
  • Businesses - $30/month. It includes 50,000 short & long-form AI words, 25 AI background removers, and a long-form editor. Save 20% and get this plan for just $24/month by choosing annual billing.
  • Enterprises - Talk to the Simplified team to get this plan.

Check Simplified Pricing

You can still use the free plan if you’re just writing short-form content like blog introductions, social media captions or product descriptions.

However, if you want long-form content, the premium upgrade is worth it.

Try For Free

3) Jasper AI

If you are looking for the best AI content generator who is good with search engines, then Jasper AI is your best bet! Try Jasper AI For Free & Get 10,000 bonus credits from the Growing Press team to generate 10 amazing high-quality masterpieces that can rank in search engines.

Jasper ai best content generator software

Jasper formerly Jarvis, is the most popular copywriting software that uses advanced artificial intelligence technology to generate high-converting content for your social media ads, sales emails, landing pages, e-commerce product descriptions, website headlines, blog posts, e-books, and more.

You can Jasper to write 3000 words long high-quality in just 10 minutes. Watch this video on writing a blog post faster using the Jasper AI Writer.


  1. Boss Mode features allow fast long-form content writing
  2. Surfer SEO integration to generate content that ranks
  3. 60+ Copywriting templates
  4. 25+ Languages supported
  5. Jasper Academy to learn copywriting hacks
  6. Jasper AI Mastermind to build your successful online business
  7. Active community to get help


Jasper AI free trial plan allows you to use this amazing software for free for five days. Also, you get 10,000 bonus credits to test Jasper from the Growing Press team.

The leading content generator offers two paid plans - Starter ($29/month) and Boss Mode($59/month)!

The Starter plan is designed to provide short copy and the Boss mode is for long content.

Try For Free

4) Content Bot AI

If you want to write long-form articles faster, you can try Content Bot for free and generate 2000+ words in just 5 minutes using the new AI writer.

content bot generator free trial

Content Bot AI generates up to 150 words each time you click "Write for me" inside the dashboard.

They also have a wide variety of short-form copywriting tools, from a blog outlines generator to a bullet points expander.

They keep adding new writing tools and features on a regular basis that make your life easier while writing.


  • End of Writer's block
  • Advanced AI writer
  • 35+ Copywriting templates
  • 103 Google Translate languages supported
  • WordPress plugin and web app


Content bot generator AI is not completely free, but it comes with a free plan that offers 1000 words of credit each month. offers 3 premium plans:

  1. Starter Plan - $29/month
  2. Premium Plan - $59/month
  3. Premium+ Plan - $99/month

You can get 10,000 words of extra credits on the first purchase of any Content Bot premium plan.

Try Content Bot For Free

5) AI Writer

AI-Writer is a powerful content-generation platform that uses state-of-the-art AI typing systems to generate content from just a headline. Try For Free

ai writer free trial

The software generates unique text automatically. It helps writers and editors create and improve articles. The content generator uses an AI writing program that generates articles based on your input criteria.


  • Content research and generation
  • Text rewording
  • Verifiable citations
  • SEO-focussed text editor
  • Plagiarism-free content


According to the need for articles per month, AI-writer has diversified its paid plans. It offers 4 plans:

  1. Free Trial Plan - $0 
  2. Basic Plan - $29/month for up to 40 articles.
  3. Standard Plan - $59/month for up to 150 articles.
  4. Power Plan - $375/month for up to 1000 articles.

Try AI-Writer For Free

6) Copymatic AI

Do you want to write a unique and human-like copy in seconds? Try Copymatic For Free and get 10 content credits free which you can use to generate ten 100 words of e-commerce product descriptions for free.

copymatic ai free trial

Copymatic is another powerful AI-packed writing assistant and content generator that lets you write blog posts, digital media ads, landing page copy or sales emails, and more in seconds.


  • Generate content fast with AI
  • 50+ Copywriting templates
  • 25+ Languages supported
  • API key access
  • WordPress plugin and web app

Pricing's free trial plan allows you to try this content generator for free. Also, you get 10 bonus content credits for testing CopymaticAI software from the Growing Press team.

It offers two paid plans - Starter ($29/month) and Pro ($49/month)! Pay yearly and get 4 months free on both plans. For a yearly subscription, Starter will cost $19 per month and the Pro plan will cost $32 per month.

Try For Free

7) Smart Copy

If you’re a small business owner who wants to generate marketing copies for your landing pages or social media, check out Smart Copy. Try Smart Copy's Free Plan and generate 5 high-quality content pieces per day using their powerful AI text generator.

smart copy free ai content generator tool

Smart copy is one of the best free content generators because it writes high-quality content in minutes that engages customers on various channels.

The content generator software is owned by Unbounce - a leading landing page builder.

And you can use most of its features for free and generate content for your social media channels, blogs, email campaigns and more.


  • No more writer's block
  • Save time using smart writing features
  • 45+ Copywriting templates
  • 30+ Language support
  • Chrome extension


Smart copy content generator is completely free to use, but it comes with daily content limits. You only get 5 content credits, which can generate 300 to 500 words per day.

If you need unlimited content credits, Smart Copy offers a premium plan – Growth Plan.

It costs $49/month with unlimited content generations, access to a smart AI-writer and more. Save 49% and get this plan for just $25/month by choosing a yearly subscription.

Try Simplified For Free

8) Copy AI

Do you want to end your writer's block and write content in seconds? Try For Free and generate 100 amazing content pieces for your business for free.

copy ai content generator for free

CopyAI is AI-powered writing software that will offer you automated content creation tools that can write human-quality content with just a few clicks on your mouse.

The free content writer has helped millions of people develop their creativity while writing using the world’s most advanced AI language model.


  • End of Writer's block
  • Advanced GPT-4 technology
  • 90+ Copywriting templates
  • 25+ Languages supported

Pricing's content generator is free to use, but it comes with a limit. You get 100 content credits for the first month when you can generate unlimited content in your first month. From the second month, you get 10 content credits per month.

If you need more credits, you can go for the Pro plan which is perfect for small-medium businesses. It costs $49/month and $35/month for a yearly subscription.

Try Copy AI For Free

9) Writesonic AI

If you want help writing better marketing content for your business then Try Writesonic AI For Free and get 10 content credits per month.

writesonic ai free trial

Writesonic is an AI-powered copywriter that helps generate high-performing social media ads, original blog posts, sales landing pages, e-commerce product descriptions, content ideas, and much more in seconds.

The content generation program uses GPT-4 technology to connect readers with the content.

It can help you focus on one-liners and quickly turn them into appealing and compelling content. It keeps a conversational style while generating content.


  • AI-powered content generation
  • 50+ Content types for copywriting
  • 25+ Languages supported
  • Shopify App integration
  • Semrush integration


The basic plan is available currently for $15/month with 100 credits where you can generate up to 50,000 words of content, a professional plan at $45/month with unlimited credits, a start-up plan at $95/month and an agency plan at $195/month.

It also offers a free trial plan for companies that want to try Writesonic and create content at scale.

Try Writesonic For Free

10) Peppertype AI

Peppertype Ai is yet another one of the best AI copywriting software that can generate high-quality content without any human writers, and you can always try it for free. Try Peppertype AI For Free

peppertype ai content generator

It leverages the experience of content writers and Artificial Intelligence to help you create better content. This app allows you to choose from a library of copywriting styles.

This particular content generator is owned by the Pepper Content team. It is the platform that helps companies with all their content creation and delivery needs.


  • No more writer's block
  • Generates absolutely original content
  • 40+ Copywriting templates
  • Save all copies in your dashboard


Peppertype AI offers a free trial plan. You get 10,000 words of content credits, which can generate 3 to 5 high-quality articles or 30 to 50 creative social media ads.

If you need more content credits, Peppertype offers two premium plans – Starter Plan and Growth Plan.

The starter plan costs $35/month with 50,000 words of content generation. Save 20% and get this plan for just $25/month by choosing a yearly subscription.

The growth plan costs $199/month with 5 team members access and each member gets a 50,000 word limit per month. Save 20% and get this plan for just $165/month by choosing a yearly subscription.

Try Peppertype AI For Free

What is the Content Generator?

The Content Generator software is an artificial intelligence-powered tool that analyses the web and generates unique content for you in a short amount of time. You can generate any type of content with these AI content generators.

The latest content generation tools (also known as AI Writers) use AI and ML to generate content automatically. These tools leverage large NLP models like GPT-4.

Language models are trained on billions of different websites across the internet, which empowers them to generate content faster.

What types of content can content generators write?

Content generator tools can write blog posts, articles, and other content that discusses or promotes a particular topic.

Brands may also use content generator tools to write their company profile's content, social media captions, video scripts, e-books and more.

Here is a brief list of content types that the tools can write:

  1. Blog Intros – This is great for brainstorming new intros for your blog.
  2. Long-form SEO Content - This is great for writing SEO-friendly content that ranks for your website.
  3. Product Descriptions – Create interesting and unique descriptions for products on e-commerce sites.
  4. AIDA copywriting – Copywriters can achieve success by using the Attention, Interest, Desire and Action formula. These content generators have an AIDA template to generate content using this formula.
  5. Blog Title Listicle – create a catchy name that fits the theme for your listicle post.
  6. Facebook headlines – Get more views from click-worthy headlines.
  7. Google Headlines – Great titles for your Google Ad campaigns.
  8. LinkedIn Text Ads – Write effective LinkedIn ads that convert to the world’s biggest professional social network.
  9. Catchy Email Subject Lines – With a nice subject line you get better open rates on emails. Use content generators to write catchy email subject lines and mail body.
  10. Video Titles – Write catchy video titles and get more clicks on your YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram videos.
  11. Sentence Rewriter – Rewrite content using content generator software.

These are some of the best types of content that an AI content generator can produce. Some tools offer over 80+ copywriting templates which allow you to generate 80 different types of content using this new technology.

How does AI Content Generator work?

The AI content generator is very technical in nature and creates unique texts. In simple words, an AI content writer reads and gathers a lot of information from each industry, and then trains itself to write content that is similar to the shared brief.

This guarantees that the content that’s generated for you using these tools follows the best content writing and SEO practices, whether it's blog posts or product descriptions.

If you use these content generators then you don't have to hire anyone to write content for you.

Key Benefits of Using Free Content Generator Tools 

There are 4 main benefits to using AI-powered free content generators.

1. Generate unique content - Using these tools, you can generate a complete draft of your blog post from an outline to a blog post conclusion.

2. Save time - These content generators are powered by artificial intelligence and hence generate content superfast at the speed of light.

3. Beat Writer's Block - Marketing professionals and content writers are using new-age AI writing software to beat writer's block.

4. Rewrite or Paraphrase - Give your existing content a new meaning using these free content tools. You can also improve the quality of your writing with the paraphrasing feature inside these tools.

If you want to read more benefits then you can check the related post on the benefits of AI writing software.

Final Words For Free AI Content Generator Tools

Would you like to generate quality content without writer's block and no downtime?

Check the Top 10 Best Content Generators that will give you the best chance to write a quick and reliable copy in no time with the help of artificial intelligence.

Let us know if you have any other questions related to free content generators in the comment section.

Let us know your thoughts...

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