Top 7 Instagram Caption Generator Tools, Perfect For Business Instagram Accounts

Looking for a good Instagram caption generator tool to create catchy captions for your Instagram post? Here is our list of some useful Instagram content generator tools that you can use.

best instagram caption generator apps and ai tools

Like most social media platforms out there, Instagram is all about engagement. And the caption is a key aspect of Instagram posts. It’s your chance to add context to a story or picture.

Social media is an excellent place for people to share their thoughts. When creating Instagram captions, you want people to like, share, and comment on your posts.

To increase the visibility of your social media content, your posts should get maximum engagement. And to get the maximum engagement for your posts, you must create highly engaging content for your Instagram posts.

That’s where Instagram caption generators come into the picture to help you auto-create catchy, engaging Instagram posts on autopilot.

What is Instagram Caption Generator?

Instagram Caption Generator is a tool that allows you to create captions for your images and videos on Instagram. By entering the text of your caption, this tool will generate a unique and creative caption for your image and video.

This can be helpful if you’re not sure what to say or want to spice up your photos and videos with some fun dialogue and creative content.

Additionally, by using Instagram generators, you can also set default captions based on the type of photo that you are taking (landscape or portrait).

You can even add hashtags and comments to improve the visibility of your images and videos. Overall, Instagram Caption Generator is an easy way to add some extra fun and engagement to your posts!

So which are the best Instagram caption generators of 2022?

7 Best Instagram Caption Generator Tools For 2022

There are many options to optimize captioning on Instagram. Here are some of the best Instagram caption generator software and online tools to use and increase the number of followers, likes, and comments on your Instagram profile.

1. Jasper AI is the most popular AI writing software out there with over 55 copywriting templates including Instagram content.

Jasper AI is available in over 25 different languages and generates as many social media content outputs as needed in less than a minute. It also includes emojis and hashtag suggestions to choose from.

It has a Photo Post Captions template which is perfect for generating engaging, relevant, and actionable Instagram captions that draw followers in.

Here is a quick example for freelancers to raise invoicing:

With Jasper, you can set a custom tone for your Instagram captions by mentioning the tone type inside the dashboard.

Here’s an example of the Witty tone for taking time off on the weekend:

Here’s an example of the Inspiring tone for the same brief:

You can instruct the AI as per your Instagram captions requirement and give it custom information to incorporate. You are just a click away from personalized, attention-grabbing social media captions.

Try Photo Post Captions Template

It can also create captions for your Pinterest Pin Title & Description, Amazon Product Title & Description, Facebook Ad Headline, TikTok captions and Facebook Ad Description.

Pricing: Jasper’s Starter plan begins at $24 per month when paid yearly with the more robust Boss Mode plan starting at just $49 per month.

Free Trial: Jasper offers a 5-day free trial to try out this incredible software for content generation. You can get free 10,000 words using our special free trial link.

Try Jasper For Free

2. Social Studio

Using AI, Social Studio generates perfect captions for your Instagram posts in just a few seconds. You just have to enter a topic for your post and captions will start popping up.

SocialStudio's AI algorithm ensures that you never get the same social media caption twice. Captions come with relevant emojis and hashtags to make them highly engaging.

It takes between 10-30 seconds of your time to create the content for your Instagram post. You have an unlimited amount of time to edit your post within the app which you can download and post to Instagram immediately.

Watch this video to learn more about how you can generate Instagram captions using Social Studio AI.

Pricing: Social Studio’s Personal plan begins at $39.99 per month which allows you to download 30 social media posts per month. With the premium plan, you get 100 posts per month at $49.99. Another added bonus to the social studio premium plan is access to the in-app Instagram scheduler.

Free Trial: Social Studio offers a 3-day free trial to try out all the features of this social media content generator software. You can get a free account and start generating Instagram posts (Images and captions) in no time. Use our special free trial link.

Offer: Use Social Studio coupon code: SocialStudio2 at the checkout to get $20 off your premium membership for life.

Try Social Studio For Free

3. Copy AI

Copy AI is an AI copywriting wonder with more than 90+ writing templates with a free Instagram caption generator to create Instagram captions in seconds.

It offers a free tool for Instagram captions that works similar to Jasper AI and creates captions quickly for free without registration. 

You can create Instagram captions using Copy AI in three easy steps.

Step 1: Visit this URL

Step 2: Enter what your Instagram post is about, and the tone of voice for your captions. Here’s an example of introducing a new feature for writing.

Step 3: Click on Create Copy button and use the Instagram copy you like.

Here are our two favourite copies generated by Copy AI:

  • We’re excited to announce that you can now write in a friendly tone. Give it a try by clicking the 👌 symbol.
  • Hi customers! We have a new writing mode coming soon that will make it easier for you to write and share your feelings with the world. Stay tuned. 👋🏻

Pricing: CopyAI’s Pro plan begins at $35 per month when paid yearly with unlimited content credits, unlimited projects, and the Blog Wizard tool.

Free Trial: Copy AI offers a free plan to try their software with 10 credits per month. You can get free 20 credits using our special free offer plan link.

Try CopyAI For Free

4. Hypotenuse AI

Hypotenuse AI is a new AI writing tool that generates high-quality content with the help of artificial intelligence along with creative, catchy Instagram captions.

Using Hypotenuse AI, you can make your Instagram profile irresistible and drive more engagement with creative AI-powered social media captions.

You can create catchy captions in two simple steps using this new AI writing software.

Step 1: Share brief information about your brand and TG with Hypotenuse AI.

Step 2: Check out the AI-generated Instagram captions and pick your favourite ones.

Pricing: Hypotenuse AI’s Starter plan begins at $29 per month with the more robust Groth plan starting at $59 per month.

If you’re stuck for Instagram content ideas, then you can try this software and generate strong captions using their caption generator template.

Try Hypotenuse AI For Free

5. Writesonic AI

Writesonic is another good AI copywriting tool for writing social media posts like Instagram captions, TikTok video captions and more.

Recently, they launched the most-awaited copywriting template for Instagram captions called as Instagram Captions Generator.

Now you can create unlimited Instagram captions with just one click using Writesonic’s new template for Insta!

All you have to do is:

  • Write what you want to talk about in the description.
  • Enter the Tone of Voice.
  • Choose your prefered language for captions.
  • Hit Generate.

And there you have it attention-grabbing Instagram captions within seconds.

You’ll get 3 creative Instagram captions and a few hashtags you can use. Keep regenerating for more in case you are not happy with the output.

Pricing: Writesonic’s Short-form plan begins at $10 per month with four options to choose from Premium, Good, Average, and Economy. The Long-form plan comes at $13 per month.

Free Trial: Writesonic offers a free plan to try their software with 2000 words of credit. You can get try using our special Writesonic free trial offer link.

Try Writesonic For Free

6. Simplified AI

Simplified is not just an AI writer, It’s a complete marketing solution app which helps you with design, AI writing, social media planner, videos and animations.

Using Simplified’s Photo Caption Generator template, you can create attention-grabbing captions for your Instagram photo and video in less than a minute.

In order to generate the Instagram Captions, simply describe what your photo or video is all about, and voila!

Here is a live example:

Here’s the AI-generated caption for our Instagram photo related to the Benefits of AI.

I liked this one. The benefits of AI are skyrocketing, and there’s no stopping it!

Pricing: Simplified’s Small team plan begins at $12 per month with up to 5 seat access when paid yearly.

Free Trial: Simplified offers a lifetime free plan to try their app with limited AI writing credits and a host of other features.

Try Simplified For Free

7. Copysmith AI

Copysmith is another AI copywriting platform built for eCommerce teams and digital agencies to craft the perfect content for humans.

Utilizing Copysmith AI, you can now create and launch Instagram Captions in minutes.

A few simple details about your brand can be used to generate hundreds of Instagram captions that support your business goals. Create an engaging, easy-to-use social media post that converts your followers using Copysmith.

Pricing: Copysmith’s Starter plan begins at $19 per month for individuals looking to get started with AI-generated Instagram captions. A professional plan is best suited for businesses.

Free Trial: Copysmith offers a 7-day unlimited free trial. Unlock your free trial today and start creating highly engaging Instagram captions with a few clicks.

Try Copysmith For Free

How to Write Great Instagram Captions?

A well-written caption can impact your post engagements. It can mean the difference between liking and commenting. In case you want to learn how to write catchy captions for your Instagram feed, read on.

Here are some practical tips on how to write great Instagram captions for your brand.

1. Write Clever Headlines

To start with a clever headline for your Instagram post will get more people to check your IG post and read, while a bad one can quickly turn them away.

Start by writing a clear headline that grabs attention. Keep it short and sweet, and make sure it represents the emotion of your IG photo or video.

2. Use Relatable Emojis

Emojis are a great way to add emotions to your Instagram captions. They can help convey your feelings about your IG post to add some extra spice in your post.

The use of emojis makes your Instagram caption more concise and fun to read for your followers.

3. Use hashtags

Hashtags are great options to improve the reach of your content. It allows your post to be seen by a wider audience.

Using relevant hashtags can dramatically improve your engagements. As your IG post will show up in the hashtag feed and be exposed to more people who are interested in that particular hashtag.

You are allowed to add up to 30 hashtags per Instagram post. Make use of that and include hashtags in your captions.

4. Use calls to action

Call to action plays an important role to increase engagement on your IG posts. It is a great way to ask your audience to take action after consuming your ‍captions. 

Asking your followers to double-tap, leave a comment, visit a website or tag a friend is a great way to get them to interact with your Instagram post. 

CTA offer a great opportunity to drive traffic to the website and boost overall engagement for your IG post, so don’t miss out on this opportunity!

FAQs For Instagram Caption Generator

1) What are good IG captions?

As you know, there are various Instagram caption generator tools to choose from. Our favourite is Jasper AI. Check out some good IG captions generated by Jasper for real brands.

Example 1:

How would Jasper re-caption this post from the Feed? Here are a few of the caption outputs.

Example 2:

This is an Instagram post from Canva’s official Instagram account. Here’s an Instagram caption generated using Jasper for Canva! Check out now

You can also take a risk-free trial for 5-days to learn more about this software.

2) What is the best Instagram Caption generator?

The best Instagram caption generator enables users to create highly engaging Instagram captions. The traditional caption generators are based on a pre-set database.

The tools mentioned here are powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning and all the generated outputs are human-friendly. We recommend & as the best Instagram caption generators of 2022!

3) How do you create a great IG caption?

You can create a great IG caption by keeping these three simple tips from Growing Press.

  • Be yourself. Be interesting and understand your audience.
  • Tell a story in your captions. It helps to connect.
  • Add emojis and hashtags when relevant.

Conclusion Take Help of AI to Generate IG Captions

There are many AI-powred Instagram caption generators available, each with its own unique features and pricing. offers a wide range of templates to choose from, while allow you generate amazing Instagram captions.

Some of our favourites include,, and All of them offer a free trial plan that you can apply for and use for IG captions.

So if you’re looking for a little help with your Instagram game, be sure to check out one of these Instagram caption generators now.

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