How is AI Changing the Copywriting World?

Almost every content creator faces the challenge of creating high-quality content.

Big budgets can help, but with the growth of digital channels, brands are turning increasingly to artificial intelligence (AI) for fast content creation.

In the last few years, AI has already made a significant impact in the digital sphere, and there is some good evidence that it is changing the lives of copywriters.

how artificial intelligence changing the copywriting world

I have found several great reviews on how artificial intelligence is changing copywriting industry. Here are some of the curated reviews for you from some top AI writing tools.

AI: Your New Creative Writing Assistant

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Review 1 about by Justin Klemme on TrustPilot

If you’re looking for a Copywriting tool that is both easy to use and insanely smart, then is your perfect choice!

It comes packed with features that’ll help you write high converting copy for all of your marketing needs in minutes — whether it be for Facebook Ads, Emails, Websites or Landing Pages. Plus, the team at Jasper are always working on new updates and improvements so you can be sure that this tool will only get better with time!

Review 2 about by Hamza on Trustpilot

Jasper is Out Standing Tool very Intelligent & Professional development. It speeds up my work way too fast.

Review 3 about by Akshay on G2

It is amazing to research and collect all the needed information about the top SERP results and figure out the plan of action for every article I put out within one tool.

Great products and owners are all about building even greater software. The tool has grown and developed in the last few months since I purchased it. The developers do a good job of keeping you in the loop and sharing updates.

7 Copywriting Tools Already Leveraging AI

You don't need to go far to see the tools in action. The following content tools are already employing AI technology to give creators an edge.


Jasper is an AI-powered copywriting platform that has been trained by experienced copywriters and marketers. It is currently used by over 50,000 active customers to create high-quality content in over 25 languages with over 50 content templates.

Jasper is reviewed by over 3000 5 star reviews across various platforms. You can check Jasper AI reviews here.

The languages Jasper supports include English, Bulgarian, Spanish, Czech, French, Danish, German, Greek, Polish, Estonian, Finnish, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Lithuanian, Latvian, Dutch, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian. Swedish, Chinese.

The AI technology in Jasper is programmed to analyze and generate content based on your given text inputs. It can help you write blog articles, social media posts, website content, page headings, SEO meta tags, sales emails etc. can write high-quality content that's 100% original and SEO optimized in a fraction of seconds.

Pricing: Starting at $29 per month

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Outranking is an AI SEO writing assistant and on-page optimization tool to write unique content for any niche and improve the ranking of your existing content using a proven scoring system.

It is currently used by over 12,000+ writers and SEOs to create SEO optimized content with the help of AI. offers AI guided assistance to create the best outline for your blog posts and articles, scoring it for related keywords, and optimizing it for the user intent.

Pricing: Starting at $29 per month



Closerscopy is an advanced AI writing software that is trained to generate high-quality marketing copy. The copywriting templates are unbelievable and include templates for articles, blog pages, sales pages, email campaigns, landing pages etc.

The software works on propriety AI networks and not a universal language model like GPT-3. They also have the most sophisticated editor packed with 300+ marketing frameworks and workflows that help you crank out copy at the speed of light.

Pricing: Starting at $29.99 per month

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Copymatic is also an AI copywriting platform that analyzes and transforms your text input into high-quality content with the help of artificial intelligence.

It automatically writes unique, engaging and high-quality copy from long-form blog posts or social media captions or sales landing pages to digital ads in seconds.

Pricing: Starting at $29.99 per month

Latest Offer on Get up to 40% discounts on all Copymatic plans using coupon code 40TODAY!



CopyAI is a content creation tool powered by artificial intelligence that utilizes AI technology to generate human-friendly content so that it blends to your brand’s standards.

The tool offers 90+ copywriting templates including blogs, social media, emails, headings, ai story writers, and more. It is trusted by 500,000+ marketers.

Pricing: Starts at $35 per month

Copymatic Offer: Get free 100 content credits for the first month using our special link. Try For Free


Peppertype is another virtual AI copywriting assistant that can generate better marketing copies in seconds with the power of Artificial Intelligence.

It saves time and automatically generates quality content with the help of 30+ content types. It is trusted by over 2000+ active customers.

Pricing: Starts at $35 per month

PepperType Offer: You can go for Peppertype free trial offer where you get free 10,000 words credit just like free trial. The good thing is you can use these credits as per your convenience as there is no time limit on these credits like Jasper.

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7. Smart Copy

Acquired by Unbounce, Smart copy is a free AI content marketing tool that leverages both AI and machine learning capabilities to generate great content.

It offers 30+ copywriting templates and currently is used by over 5000 marketing professionals.

Pricing: $49 per month

Smart Copy Offer: You can use Smart Copy for free where you get 5 credits per day. This offer can allow you to generate 5 amazing content pieces for free. Try Smart Copy For Free

These are the top seven copywriting tools powered by artificial intelligence which is already leveraging the latest technology to create amazing content.

These tools are making the content creation process easy and effortless. There are numerous benefits of ai copywriting tools that one can explore in the field of writing.

You can also check other helpful tools for writing essays and e-commerce product descriptions.

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