Best Free Paraphrasing Tool of 2022 - Rephrase Paragraphs & Articles Online

Are you looking for a free paraphrasing tool to rewrite paragraphs or articles in 2022?

If yes then I will recommend one free paraphrasing tool that can help you write unique and high-quality paragraphs effortlessly.

Now you can write better, faster, and clearer with the best paraphrasing tool.

This free paraphrasing online tool can rewrite any paragraph or article with just one click. 

What is Paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing is the process of rephrasing your or someone else’s written articles in more interesting words.

Some people use paraphrasing to make their writing sound more professional and less repetitive.

It is also a good way to learn how to write in someone else’s voice.

In simple words, rewriting paragraphs or complete articles by changing phrases and the paragraph structure is known as Paraphrasing.

The intent of paraphrasing is to enhance your online communication and increase the quality of your writing with the help of tools.

When people have trouble writing, it’s often because they try to make the words sound more sophisticated by changing grammar and word choice instead of focusing on the key aspects of communication like being grammatically correct and original.

This paraphrasing tool will help you avoid such mistakes and produce a new and unique version of your para.

The Free Paraphrasing Tool's Name is Frase AI.

Tool URL:

What is Frase AI?

Frase AI is a freemium content marketing tool that offers a paraphrasing tool for free.

The tool is powered by AI and it helps you with content research, AI writing, and optimizing high-quality SEO content in minutes.

Get ready to have 100% unique paragraphs rewritten and rephrased using artificial intelligence.

Take AI-powered content creation to the next level with Frase AI & Growing Press.

The tool is quite popular in the SEO industry and is trusted by over 30,000 content and marketing teams all around the world.

Learn more about Frase

Try 5 different rewriting modes. Write better, faster, and clearer with the best paraphrasing tool. Trusted by Millions. Premium Extensions. 3 Days Free Trial. Best Customer Services.

How to use Frase paraphrasing tool free?

  1. Visit Paraphraser Tool
  2. Input & Highlight Write or simply paste content and highlight paragraphs you want to rewrite.
  3. AI Writer Frase will rewrite your paragraphs in no time and provide a few variations of your sentence.
  4. Choose The Best Result Choose the best paragraph, select the paste icon to replace your para content, then simply press the arrow to rewrite the following sentence.

Why is paraphrasing important for writers and SEO?

It is the job of content writers and professional copywriters to do research on a content brief and then writes it down into amazing paragraphs that rank well and cater to reader queries to fulfill the user intent.

A good paraphrasing tool can help content writers nicely convey the key messages or answers in their copywriting.

Benefits of using paraphrasing tools

Working with a paraphrasing tool can be beneficial for your business as well as writers. Here are some benefits to using paraphrasing tools like

  • Save time and money
  • Shorter, better and clearer sentences
  • Rearrange word order in sentences
  • Say what you mean
  • Turn complex sentences into simple sentences
  • Generates amazing social media posts, website, or marketing copy
  • Reader-friendly content
  • Avoid duplicate content
  • Produce fresh content
  • Create powerful short-form content
  • Writes effective marketing emails

What are the pros and cons of the paraphrasing tool?

One of the main benefits of using a paraphrasing tool is that it will help you save time and money.

This is because you will not need to pay someone else to do the job for you or have someone else spend hours on end writing content that could be written in minutes.


  • Forget Writer’s block
  • Save time and money
  • Paraphrasing makes your paragraphs sound more proficient.
  • AI paraphrasing can make your content look cleverer.


  • It can create plagiarism issues
  • It can’t replace human creativity

FAQ on Best Paraphrasing Tool

Is this paraphrasing tool really free?

Yes, this paraphrasing tool by Frase AI is completely free. There’s no signup, no login, and no personal information needed to use this amazing tool. You can use the link given in this post for free. There is no other free paragraph rewriting tool online that creates better, fresher, and more original content than Frase.

How does the Paraphrasing Tool work?

Frase AI Paraphrasing tool-free uses a proprietary AI model trained on billions of similar paragraphs from across the Internet. You can feed the tool some paragraphs and it will rewrite the paragraph for you for free.

Is AI-generated paragraph unique and plagiarism free?

Yes, AI written paragraphs are original and passes plagiarism checks. So need to worry about duplicate content or so.

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Conclusion For Paraphrasing Tool Free

Overall, the free paraphrasing tool offered by Frase AI is a great option to explore for paragraph rewriting.

It is a helpful resource for those who need to rewrite or rephrase text for various reasons.

Additionally, it is versatile and can be used for a variety of different purposes.

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