Best Free Blog Title Generator: Generate a Unique SEO Friendly Title in 2022

Do you want to generate multiple eye-catching title ideas for your articles and blog posts?

If yes then I will recommend one free blog title generator tool that can help you write amazing blog titles effortlessly.

This free blog title generator helps you create an outstanding title for your next article or blog post. 

Simply enter your topic and let the AI algorithm do the rest for you.

What is a blog title?

A blog title is the first text information that the user reads about your blog post. In simple words, A blog title is the name of your blog post.

This gives readers an idea of what they’ll find when they click on your link on Google or your blog post.

Titles that are enticing, descriptive, and search engine friendly will improve clickthrough rates.

Make sure your headline is keyword rich and uses a catchy headline style so people will be drawn in! And this free tool will help you do that.

The Free Blog Title Generator Tool Name is Frase AI.

Tool URL:

free blog title generator

What is Frase AI?

Frase AI is a freemium content marketing tool that offers a free blog title generator tool.

The content software is powered by AI and it helps you with content research, AI writing, and optimizing high-quality SEO content in minutes.

Get ready to have 100% unique and click-worthy titles for your blog posts and articles using artificial intelligence.

Take AI-powered content creation to the next level with Frase AI & Growing Press.

The tool is quite popular in the SEO industry and is trusted by over 30,000 content and marketing teams all around the world.

Learn more about Frase

How to use this free blog title generator?

  1. Visit Title Generator Tool
  2.  Enter the topic keyword for which you want title ideas.
  3. AI Writer Frase AI will execute the AI algorithms to write a blog title for you for free. Ge up to 10 title ideas.
  4. Output View the title ideas for your topic and press the copy icon to copy.

Here’s an example for our keyword

Frase AI-generated 10 title variations for our target keyword which is “Free Blog Title Generator”. Check below:

1. Free Blog Title Generator — Generate a Unique Title for Your Blog
 2. Free Blog Title Generator 2.0: Generate more than 50 titles in less than 3 seconds
 3. Free Blog Title Generator 3.0 — Generate a unique title for your blog or website with this free tool
 4. Generate a Unique Title For Your Website Using This Tool
 5. Generating a Unique Title for Your Site With This Web Application
 6. Generate a Unique Blog Title With This Simple Script
 7. Generate a Unique Custom Domain Name Using This Script
 8. Generate a Unique SEO Friendly URL using this script
 9. Generate a Random WordPress Title
 10. Generate a Random Title From an Array of Words

When searching for a query, a title tag can affect which results in people's click.

Titles serve as a brief summary of your page, so they should accurately summarize the content.

As long as your keywords appear close enough to the beginning of the title tag, they will have some weight with Google.

Benefits of using this free blog title generator tool

Here are some great benefits of using this amazing tool from Frase AI. The third one is our favourite.

  1. Write better titles in less time with AI
  2. Generate 10 amazing titles from scratch with just one click
  3. Overcome writer’s block
  4. Generate creative headlines for any topic
  5. Write more compelling blog post titles with AI
  6. Generate multiple article titles
  7. You can use these titles for social media engagement
  8. You can create unlimited title variations for free

How to write a great SEO title for blogs & articles in 2022

Here are four tips to write SEO-friendly titles for your blog posts and articles by Growing Press!

  • Add keyword while generating ideas
  • Include user intent or a benefit on the topic to make it relevant
  • Use brackets in titles to increase CTR.
  • Keep your titles under 50 to 70 characters in length.

Is Google rewriting title tags?

According to many studies, around 40% of title tags are being rewritten by Google in the search result pages.

Possible Reasons Could Be:

  • Many title tags are too long and Keyword spam
  • Around 7.4% of top-ranking pages don’t have a title tag
  • Some titles are rewritten because they aren’t a good fit for the searched query
  • Google wants to improve the search results experience for users, so they are rewriting titles based on their AI

Once you’ve written your title, head over to the free blog post outline generator.


Is this title generator tool really free?

Yes, this blog title generator tool by Frase AI is completely free. There’s no signup, no login, and no personal information needed to use this amazing tool. You can use the link given in this post for free.

How does title generator work?

Frase AI free blog title generator tool uses a proprietary AI model trained on billions of web page titles from across the Internet. You can feed your topic in the tool and it will generate blog title ideas for you for free.

Does Frase use GPT-3 for AI content generation?

No, Frase AI uses its own proprietary AI model.

Other Free Tools:

Conclusion For Title Generator Free Tool

If you’re looking for a title generator that is both user friendly and versatile then this tool is perfect for you!

With its easy-to-use interface, you can generate a wide range of titles that will fit any given situation.

We hope you liked this post about Free Article Title Generator Tool. Go ahead and start working!

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