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Do you want to count your words? You can use this free word counter online tool for counting your words at Growing Press!

Word Counter Online

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Word Counter is a free online tool by Growing Press which helps you to count the total number of words in your article, essay, whitepaper, story, blog post and more!

If you want to check grammar and improve your writing then check AI-powered writing software!

It is a free service that counts words in any text. It also gives you an idea about the number of words you have written for your next article or essay. 

Word counter is an essential tool for SEO professionals.

How to Use Word Counter at Growing Press?

Simply copy and paste into the text area where you are going to type. Click the button and the word counts are displayed at the top for your reference. See the number and take action accordingly.

It's so simple to use and will tell you how many words you have written in a fraction of seconds. Go and explore this free tool now!

Word Counter also measures your text length against a variety of web standards. 

For example, the meta title word count is (70), Google's meta description is (160), Twitter's tweet character count is (280), and Facebook's average post display length is around 200 words.

You can enter any number of words and the word counter will show you the exact number of words.

It is very helpful for your blog posts, news articles, white papers, books, dissertations, fiction stories and other long-form content.

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