Write a Professional Bio in 5 Minutes or Less [With Examples]

Do you want to write a professional bio for your company page or social media profile like Linkedin or Instagram?

In this post, I will show you how you can generate a professional bio in 5 minutes or less with the help of the best bio generator tool.

Professional bios must express the story of your professional career in a few lines.

A professional bio provides readers with a quick summary of your professional life, sometimes with a hobby or two to add personality.

It saves you time by conveying your capabilities and expertise in a bite-sized way.

Your professional bio can be used for media and press releases, around social media profiles, and to accompany any communications that you create or positions you hold.

If you’re in the market for a new job, your bio could be the first impression you make on recruiters.

For small businesses and entrepreneurs, a great professional bio can do even more.

It can boost your profile or website’s search engine optimization (SEO), connect with potential customers, and share your accomplishments to build trust in your work.

In this post, I’ll cover the styles of bio you can use and share a few examples from around the web.

Finally, I’ll show you how to write a bio using a professional bio generator tool.

Professional Bio Templates & Examples at Growing Press

A professional bio template saves you hours of re-writing every time you need to share a short snippet about yourself.

This template typically includes all the information relevant to your bio, so you can be sure it covers your bases.

You can write your bio in a variety of styles and voices, including personable, formal, first-person, and third-person.

Your bio can lean towards either personable or formal, while your voice or point-of-view should stick to one or the other — either first or third person.

I’ll show you how to create different kinds of professional bios, whether you’re aiming for something serious or witty.

For this post, I’ll be creating professional bio templates using our AI writing assistant, Jasper.

Jasper has been trained by expert copywriters and offers time-strapped writers over 52 writing templates for every kind of copy. The Personal Bio template is our choice for generating a professional bio in minutes! Just tell Jasper a bit about yourself, and leave the rest to the AI. It will generate several personal bio options for you. Try Jasper.ai For Free & Get Free 10,000 Words of Credit from Growing Press!


What are Professional Bios?

A personable professional bio describes your general career path but also includes some informal language, showcasing personality and wit.

With a personable bio, you have a little more creative freedom to write how you like.

A personable or personal bio can be written in either the first or third person.

They also typically mention personal insights, including any of the following:

  • Hobbies or interests
  • Favourite food, tv show, podcast, or book
  • Family life or background
  • A unique personal fact

Here’s an example of a personable bio written with Jasper along with a template for you to create yours.

Our top personable bio choice:

“I’m Sandra. I started off as a broke college student with $120,000 in debt and poor credit who lived paycheck to paycheck on the edge of bankruptcy. But I took control by using budgeting techniques to pay off my debt and blogged about how it went so that others could learn from my mistakes.

Now I run Build a Budget, write for The Atlantic’s finance column, and am writing this bio while eating an apple and sitting on my couch watching Seinfeld reruns!”

This bio sparkles with personality. 

Our fictional character, Sandra (through Jasper) shares her achievements in a personable voice, even throwing in a joke or two! Jasper can create an endless array of output options until you’re satisfied.

Use the following template to write your bio and remember to add personality and include more information about your business, career, or hobbies:

I’m [first name], and I [a bit of history about you and what you like to do at work].

Now, I [your job position and where you work]. We’re a [describe the business you work with] that specializes in [area you specialize in]. It’s our duty to [what problem you solve at work]. I also [another position or relevant accomplishment], where [what the position or accomplishment does for you] so [I/they/we] can focus on what really matters, [my/their/our] customers!

Outside of work, I enjoy [list a few hobbies or interests].

Formal Professional Bios For Working Professionals

A formal professional bio describes your career path in a professional and formal language.

This kind of bio sticks to the basic requirements of a professional bio.

These bios are usually straightforward and meant to share your best professional achievements.

Your Linkedin bio or Linkedin summary are great places to use a formal bio.

Formal bios are typically written in third person. This style of bio also works great for company bios.

Here is an example of a formal professional bio written using an AI generator.

Here’s our top choice:

“Lisa Paiva is a writer, editor, and public speaker. She has written professionally for 8 years and counting. Her articles have been featured in publications such as the Pasadena Star-News, where she was first published at age 14.

She specializes in self-help articles, mental health, and neurobiology and has given TED Talks on writing your way to happiness which has been named one of the best talks of 2020 by Forbes Magazine. 

Currently, Lisa is the communications director at Blue Star Media with a specialization in PR & social media marketing. In her spare time, she volunteers at the mental health crisis phone line (Crisis Text Line) and participates in axe-throwing competitions!”

Lisa’s bio shines because it stays professional, highlighting her achievements and career milestones.

When it veers into personal territory, it’s to showcase hobbies that enhance her relevant qualities like grit and philanthropy.

Create your formal professional bio using this template:

[First name, last name] is a [your job title]. [Your pronoun] has [what you do for work] for [time period in your career] and counting. [Include an accomplishment relating to the beginning of your career].

[Your pronoun] specializes in [what area your work focuses on] and has [another more recent accomplishment]. Currently [first name] is [your current position title] at [name of business or company you work with] with a specialization in [what focus you have there]. In her/his spare time, [your pronoun] volunteers [personal volunteer work or community contributions] and [another hobby or personal interest].

First-person professional bios

A first-person professional bio uses the “I/me/my” pronouns more common with personable professional bios.

Personal social media profiles are best written in the first person — think your Twitter bio or Instagram bio.

Here is a short bio example that uses the first person.

Here’s our top choice:

“I’m Marinos Alastair and I’m a fashion photographer, creative soul, and visual artist.

My day-to-day is spent either on set or in the office where I organize the annual gala with a $1.5 million budget for our company Zip Fashion. As Creative Director at Zip Choice Awards, I recently won Best Dressed! When I’m not working you can find me exploring art galleries in Manhattan or taking beach vacations with my beautiful wife and two dogs.”

Marinos’s bio is short but creative. It shares his creative philosophy and gives readers a peek into his personal life.

Use this template to write your first-person professional bio:

I’m [first name, last name] and I’m a [list your job and hobby titles] living in [where you’re based]. My day-to-day is spent either [what you do for work] for [the business or company you work with]. Recently, I [an accomplishment you made at work or in your career]. When I’m not working you can find me [list your interests and hobbies].

Third-person professional bios

A third-person professional bio uses your first and/or last name throughout the bio, along with “he/she/they” pronouns.

These are more common with formal professional bios. When you’re writing in the third person, be careful not to overuse your name.

It’s important to include your name a few times for SEO, but the bio should still flow naturally.

Third-person or first-person bios work well on your website or professional business page.

This example demonstrates how Jasper writes a third-person professional bio.

“Charmaine Denton is an award-winning actress with over fifteen years of experience. She has studied classical theater extensively and received her B.A. in theater from Centenary College of Louisiana. Charmaine’s favorite roles include Ms. Lovett in Sweeny Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street, and Mother Courage in Mother Courage and Her Children (a production she volunteered support for).

Alongside her career as an actress, Charmaine enjoys spending time on the road seeking out new places to visit or taking yoga classes to help manage stress levels; she also enjoys olive bars!”

Charmaine’s bio proves that Jasper knows how to write a “professional” bio that isn’t boring! It includes Charmaine’s hobbies as well as favourite parts of her career so far.

Write your own third-person bio using this template based on the above bio:

[First name, last name] is a(n) [your top one or two positions] with [number of years of experience you have in the field] years of experience. [Your pronoun] has studied [subject you studied independently or in post-secondary] and [education- or career-related accomplishment]. [First name]’s favorite [role or position that you have held in the past relevant to your current work].

Alongside [your pronoun] career as [your current job position], [first name] enjoys spending time [what you do in your spare time]; [your pronoun] also enjoys [a different hobby or personal interest]!

Learn more about Jasper.ai free trial and how you can claim 10k words for free! You can also check the Jasper AI Pricing page.

4 professional bio examples to help you build yours

These professional bios capture the attention of potential customers while also boosting SEO by including keywords.

1. Emma Loveday on LinkedIn

This bio on Emma Loveday’s Linkedin page uses multiple best practices including getting the most important information out there first, such as her name, position, and the problem she solves for her audience.

Loveday’s bio also includes her personal beliefs and career focus which add to the appeal of this bio by humanizing her background.

2. Stewart Butterfield, co-founder of Slack

This professional bio is a little longer, which makes it a great example for your website’s About Us page.

Stewart Butterfield’s professional bio covers his current position, past positions with their context, and business accomplishments throughout his career.

You can replace his accomplishments with yours to write a similar bio that wows your audience.

3. Alexis Grant at alexisgrant.com

This first-person bio introduces Alexis Grant with her skills and areas of expertise on her personal website.

Her accomplishments are highlighted in a way that relates to these skills and even offers a call-to-action at the bottom with a link to her newsletter.

Grant’s bio also includes her interests and how she dislikes the hustle culture.

These points add a little bit of personality to the professional bio.

4. Megan Baker on Apartment Therapy

This writer’s bio follows the pattern we’ve outlined in this article.

The third-person profile starts with Megan Baker’s name and positions, along with professional experience, accomplishments, and a personal fact to conclude the bio.

Baker’s bio repeats important keywords for her industry such as “magazine,” “editor,” and “journalism” allowing readers to recognize her skills even when skimming.

This effective flow can easily be changed to reflect your profession, past experience, and favorite hobby.

5. Ruthie Bowles on LinkedIn

Personal branding strategist Ruthie Bowles uses her powerful LinkedIn bio to highlight how her personal life and past professional experience equip her to help her clients.

She also shares her career trajectory from content marketing to landing at personal branding.

Uniquely, she doesn’t mention her name throughout the bio. Her first-person bio still focuses on how she can benefit her clients and help them reach their goals.

How to use a professional bio generator to spruce up your profile

While using a professional bio generator can make life easier, it’s not entirely zero effort on your part.

We’ve figured out an easy process for getting the best out of your bio generator.

Follow this quick step-by-step process to write and optimize your own professional bio using any bio generator:

1. Collect your details for the bio

The first step is to make sure you know how you want to represent yourself and what you do.

Also, make a list of the hobbies or fun facts you might want to include in your bio.

Having these prepared makes it easier to copy and paste them into a professional bio generator.

If you’re writing your bio for a social media platform, it’s also a good idea to pick just a few crucial facts that represent you and your work so that your bio doesn’t end up too long.

When you write your professional bio, you’ll want to include this information:

  • Your full name
  • Your job title or occupation
  • Your company name or business name
  • Which industry you serve
  • Your professional trajectory — especially if relevant to your current role
  • Your professional accomplishments
  • A value that informs your occupation
  • A brief fact about your personal life

2. Pick your professional bio style

Choose your style of bio.

This could be long-form, as in several paragraphs, a few words such as those used on Twitter or LinkedIn profiles, or a few points that can be listed in multiple lines, as often used on Instagram.

Different industries will have different best practices for writing professional bios.

Creative industries lean towards personable and unique professional bios to showcase creative talent.

Sales positions, real estate, and other industries typically prefer formal professional bios to demonstrate capability and proficiency in the given field.

In some fields, you can use any style of a professional bio that you feel best represents your work.

3. Choose a professional bio generator

There are a wide variety of professional bio generators you can use to save time when writing your own bio.

However, with Jasper, it’s as easy as putting in your information and selecting a tone of voice, as well as whether you’re writing in the first or third person. 

Then all that’s left is to let the generator do the rest!

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Conclusion: Create a highly professional bio with Jasper AI

Jasper is the leading ai writing software. You can use a template to write a professional bio yourself, or you can take advantage of the best professional bio generator available.

Using an AI professional bio generator saves you time, incorporates your ideal keywords, and uses unique phrasing to make you sound professional while standing out from the crowd.

Jasper is an AI-powered writing tool that uses its knowledge of 10% of the internet to generate appropriate and professional-sounding bios, blogs, headlines, and more with 52+ AI writing templates.

Ready to start generating your own professional bio? Sign up for Jasper and get free 10,000 words of credit.

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